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Bakersfield HOG… Even On An Early Sunday Morning…

Today, Sunday, August 30, 2009, Bakersfield HOG scheduled an early morning picture for our State Rally presentation. We put this information out at the general meeting and hoped to get 20 or so bikes under the Bakersfield sign near the Crystal Palace to shoot a little video.

I got there about 6:15 and checked the area out with Mike Long. As we stood there, more and more bikes began pulling into the parking lot and before we knew it, we have over 55 motorcycles there for the picture. Bakersfield Police was nice enough to block the intersection and in a short ten minutes, HOG moved all 55 riders into position under the sign, filmed our presentation, and had all the bikes pull out. ALL IN UNDER 10 MINUTES.

The HOG members that came were very quick to line up, more than 3 deep, and left the gathering safely and orderly with no mishaps. Quite a feat when you have so many bikes in such a small area.

The enthusiasm of the crowd was contagious. Everyone had a great time and we didn’t hear one complaint about how early the shoot was. Some of our members came from Frazier Park to make it into the picture.

This activity is indicative of our HOG organization. We have a great group of quality people willing to take a few moments out of their morning to make our presentation to the State Rally Committee great.

I want to thank everyone who showed up for this event. I also want to thank HRC John Clevelend, HRC Wes Coble, and RC Mike Coble for creating and working on the film. From what I’ve seen, it’s great and should go over well.

See you on the road…