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HOG Improvements

Well, I’ve just returned from my first vacation and we’re embarking on our 2nd vacation up north to the Redwoods. We’re hoping the weather is a little more conducive to riding as this heat here in the valley is typically stifling!

HOG has recently purchased some tables and chairs to be stored at Bakersfield Harley-Davidson. We have 6 nice tables and currently, 36 chairs. We’re shooting for 48 chairs but we want them all to match so we decided to wait on another shipment. HRC Wes Coble researched the tables and chairs and Assistant Director Don Oldaker made the purchase.

Now I’m sure some of our members are wondering why we needed chairs. Have you been to a HOG BBQ lately??? There’s generally a whole bunch of people and nowhere to sit except on the planters in the sun. (Remember that stifling heat I mentioned earlier?) We also host some events where it would be nice to have a table and some chairs for whatever we’re doing.

HOG picked up the chairs on July 11th just before our monthly BBQ. We had some volunteers set them up even before the BBQ started and within 5 minutes, two tables were full of HOG members sitting around talking with their coffee and donuts. When I saw that, I knew the tables and chairs were a good idea and doing what we’d planned.

So, if you’ve been avoiding the monthly HOG BBQ cuz there was no place to sit…come on out and sit a spell and join us. We may even set some up on Saturday mornings just to sit and chew the fat (or donuts) for a while with HOG friends.

Y’all ride safe and I’ll see you when I get back…

Dave Fisher