Big Stuff Happening at Chapter 1580!

It’s hard to believe that September has come and gone.  Our attendance at the monthly general meeting was a little down but the event in Reno drew some HOGs up there so it was expected.  Those who came got to enjoy some pretty good videos with the star of the show being the DVD we’re going to present at the annual California State HOG Rally next week in Roseville, Ca.  HOG needs to recognize and thank John Cleveland, the author/director, actors Mike and Wes Coble, and Producer/Video Guru, Owen Freeman.  These four guys put together a short DVD that is both informative and hilarious.  Hopefully you’ll get to see it in the near future.

Speaking of the State Rally, Stephanie and I are heading up next Wednesday so we can be there when everyone arrives.  We also want to get some pointers on setting up the rally even though we helped in Victorville.  Our presentation will be made on Saturday morning and from what I hear, there are some other chapters competing for the event.

I did finish our written proposal and sent it off to J.T. Hasley, our Regional HOG Director.  J.T.  has begun his review and let me know that we look pretty good to him. Hopefully we’ll look better than the rest.  I know one thing for sure; the other chapters will have to work pretty hard to top our DVD that will start the presentation.  If you’re making the trek to the State Rally, we’ll be camping somewhere in the fairgrounds…just look for our HOG banner!!!

Our annual Christmas party is shaping up to be another great evening.  I would like to thank John and Katie Houchin who stepped up and offered to cater our dinner.  John and Katie were at the party last year when we had the “snafu” regarding the meal and promised a better meal this year.  (The Houchin’s own a large catering business here in Bakersfield and have a lot of experience into this area.)  For dinner this year, we’ll be treated to Prime Rib and Montreal Chicken with a host of other great sounding side dishes.  We’ll be meeting at the Heritage Dante Hall on Wilson Road and once again, HOG will be buying the price down for each HOG member and their guest to $20.00.  We’ll have a short program and the same DJ will be playing music for our entertainment again this year.  He did a great job last year and kept the dance floor rockin’ so we decided to leave that part alone.

If you’re interested in doing some riding, October will be a great month.  Val and Gary Crawford will be hosting the Fun Run to Porterville.  I think we’re headed to the Black Bear Diner!!!  That’s always a great ride and good meal.  I haven’t heard where the Dinner Ride will go but Gary is also working on that.  If that isn’t enough, the Crawfords are planning the annual Calico/Stateline Run on Halloween.  HOG will depart BHD at 9:00am and head to Peggy Sue’s in Barstow for breakfast.  We’ll visit Calico Ghost Town and then make a dash for Stateline to spend the night.  This was a helluva party last year so come join us and have some fun this year.  Make your reservations at Buffalo Bill’s and spend the night laughing and doing that other part of our HOG motto…HAVING FUN!!!

Speaking of riding, HOG will also have a Hot Dog Run on October 24th.  Again, this will be an open ride so invite any of your “non-Harley” riding friends to come along.  We’re going to head over to Morro Bay and enjoy a day on the coast.  There is a small hot dog vendor on Harbor Avenue so I’m going to hold true to the run and have a hot dog.  Don’t worry, if you want to go down to the harbor and have fish and chips or clam chowder, I’m sure nobody will mind.  We’re not sure how we’re coming home but who really cares?  Hope to see you there.

We did recognize our Member(s) of the Quarter at the last meeting.  HOG felt the Crawfords had been working to make our chapter one of the best and awarded them our 3rd Quarter Member of the Quarter award.  Val and Gary really deserved our recognition and will enjoy our annual Christmas Party on us.

Lastly, I want to again let you know that we’ll be having our first ever November General Meeting.  I’m working on some special plans for this meeting as it’ll be our last meeting of 2009 and we deserve to have a great time.  HOG will be giving back to our chapter by awarding 3 gift certificates to HOG members who just show up.  Nothing to buy, just show us your current local HOG card (your annual membership must also be current and we’ll have an up to the minute list) and you’ll receive a raffle ticket.  During the meeting, we’ll draw tickets to win the gift certificates.  Oh, by the way, each gift certificate will be worth $400.00.  Mark the date on your calendar…NOVEMBER 19th…the week before Thanksgiving.

We’re quickly running out of great riding weather so get out and ride while you can.  Pretty soon you’ll be wishing it was warmer so you didn’t have to wear all the leather!!!

Gotta run…

Ride Safe…
Dave Fisher