The Heart and Soul of Harley-Davidson

Here at Bakersfield Harley-Davidson, we get a lot of new customers purchasing Harley-Davidson motorcycles for the very first time.  Maybe they’ve owned other bikes; maybe this Harley is their first.  Either way, I always try to take a little extra time during the delivery process to explain a little about the Harley Owners Group and specifically our fantastic local chapter here in Bakersfield.  It is hard to convey the value of this group to people new to the Harley-Davidson family but I do make the attempt and it usually goes something like this.

For over a century owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle has meant more than just owning a motorcycle, it has been an experience, a passion and camaraderie between good friends mixed with a strong sense of adventure and freedom.  What other product out there brings so many people from diverse backgrounds together and creates such a tight bond between them?  If you know of any, I would like to hear from you because I can’t think of one.

To me there are few greater pleasures than just getting out on the open road and riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  To me it is the ultimate American experience.  An all American product and its customers that have remained loyal through Depressions, wars and lean years for the Motor Company and not only has this company and its customers survived they have thrived.  Being a member of the local H.O.G. chapter magnifies this experience ten fold.

Finally, I have to take my hat off to all of the officers and volunteers of our local chapter.  These dedicated individuals put in countless hours of hard work planning rides, creating new ways to have fun and raising money for charity.  All of this hard work done behind the scenes is done for their pure passion for the Harley-Davidson motorcycle and more importantly the passion for the H.O.G. experience.  None of this happens without your hard work, dedication and loyalty to your local chapter.

So, I encourage them to try it out.  Is it for everyone? Maybe not, but those who do give it a try, almost inevitably find that it is time well spent.

Scott & Debbie Irvin
Tim & Nisha York