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Calico Ride – 2009

Halloween has come and gone and so has the Calico/Stateline run. Gary did a great job organizing this event, as usual and we had over 45 bikes show up for the ride. There must have been 60 to 70 HOG members who settled in at Peggy Sue’s for breakfast. Just after we got seated, the Pomona Valley HOG group showed up and shared a room with some of our members. Calico was decorated up for Halloween and some of the costumes were fantastic. After visiting Calico, we headed for Stateline and Buffalo Bills. From what I heard, the group had a pretty good time once they all gathered up. As for the ride home, mine was great. I decided this year to curtail the adult beverages because I wanted to watch the World Series. There was no place to sit and watch the game so I headed up early and retired for the night. I had planned a big day on Sunday and with the time change, I knew I would be pretty tired. (I had been fighting a nasty cold the week before and had not slept real well.)

Sunday morning, I woke up bright and early and treated myself to a good omlet breakfast before suiting up. I had told some HOG members of my plans but nobody met me at the 7am departure time so off I went. I didn’t head back on Hwy 15…instead, I rode into Las Vegas and took Hwy 160 over towards Pahrump. Once there, I stopped for fuel and headed for Shoshone on Hwy 352. From there, I hit Hwy 190 and rode north to Death Valley Junction. Although it was a little cool when I took off, the sun soon rose and the temperature evened out at a comfortable 80+ so I dumped my chaps and coat and rode on. I stopped at Furnace Creek in Death Valley and toured around a little before heading to Stovepipe Wells. There I bought a souvenir and had a soda before heading up the grade towards Panamint Springs. Just before Panamint Springs, I turned off on Hwy 178…yep, you guessed it, and rode towards Ridgecrest.

Another stop in Ridgecrest for lunch and fuel and up over Walker Pass and through the canyon into B-town. I got home about 4pm after a 431 mile ride on a beautiful day. The bike ran great and it was rather pleasant to be lead and sweep in my own little world. Although group riding is a blast, sometimes it’s fun to get out alone and savor the reasons we ride. This was one of those days!!!

Next year, I’m going to advertise this ride a little more and get some others to join me. It’s a great run and done right, not too awful long. Hope you can join me because this may become a yearly thing for the Calico run.

Dave Fisher