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Director’s Blog By John Cleveland

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I want to talk about a few things that have been happening as of late. We have been having great turnouts to our rides and meetings this year. I believe it is partially due to our renewed philosophy of Ride and Have Fun. We have had many new ideas, a refresh to some of the old rides and additions of rides on days that were not normally scheduled.

“…Too Many Rides…” is one of the statements we have gotten recently. Followed closely by, “I can’t afford to go on all these rides…” I completely understand. I cannot afford to go on all of the rides myself. We have chosen to add rides to the calendars if they are well thought out and planned on any day that might be free or even multiple rides on same days when there may be a one-time event on the same day. We are doing this to give flexibility to more riders. Some people may like the all day and overnight events and others may only have a few hours to dedicate to riding. We want to give every type of member as much opportunity to ride as possible.   The big takeaway here is there is no “one size fits all” approach. We welcome any ideas for rides, whether it be the big multi-day events like Sedona or the all day events like the Reagan Ride or even something like “hey lets meet at the shop and ride to the grapevine for a burger” ride. There is no bad ride. All it takes is an idea and our road captains can help you plan or you can set it all up on your own. Our only requirement is that you work with a road captain or submit your idea to the senior road captain for review and we will get it on the calendar. You do not need to be a road captain to lead your ride. We only ask that you work with them so everyone is on the same page on ride day.

I also want to talk about dinners at the meetings. As of June, we are still averaging 50-80 attendees at our monthly meetings, which is fantastic, but our dinner purchases are not quite as good. I know that the $15 dollar price is a concern for many and some have a problem with the “same old meal” I can almost bet that each of us had had the same thing at least once at home or out to dinner that we had last month. We are fortunate, in that, the American Legion does not charge us for the use of the facility as long as we purchase a requisite number of meals. Below that number and we are charged for the use of the venue. I know many of you have been around long enough to remember the “where are we meeting this month” issues we have had in the past and our quest for finding a suitable home. I feel that we have a wonderful spot that is comfortable, clean and friendly, that by itself is worth plenty. The addition of the meal brings a fun social aspect to the meetings, rather than an “all business” environment. Our leadership team, Officers and road captains, spend a good amount of time to keep the fun going and are working plans all throughout the month. The monthly meeting gives us a chance to share the fun we have had since our last meeting and the fun yet to come in the planning stages. I encourage you to support our meeting with the purchase of meal as often as you can, you are helping us keep our meetings at a wonderful venue and helping the American Legion with it’s mission of supporting and helping our local veterans. If you are an out of town member you can send in a check by mail or prepay when you have the opportunity to be at Bakersfield Harley-Davidson.

Next is the Bakersfield Harley –Davidson open house and anniversary weekend. I am so humbled at the volunteer turnout we had to help our shop have a wonderfully successful weekend. As usual, our road captains were amazing, the LOH showed up in force at their bake sale, several of our members volunteered for store security and our fantastic Black Sheep did a great job feeding more people than I think we have seen in a very long time. This chapter runs because of all the hard work of our great volunteers. There are not enough words of praise in the English language to adequately salute your efforts.


If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact myself or any officer or road captain.

See you soon, Ride and Have Fun,

John Cleveland

[email protected]