Director's Blog

Movin’ On

I want to start by saying Thank You to all of our departing officers who have worked so hard to make Bakersfield HOG the great organization that it is.  HOG officers have worked very hard to make sure everyone has a good time and it’s now time for them to take a well deserved rest to enjoy the festivities.  We have a great group of volunteers who have stepped up to help run HOG and continue with the events and activities we have all come to enjoy.

HOG is on the move.  We had our first officer’s meeting on December 20th and there are some exciting ideas coming down the road.  Here’s what’s going on…

At our January 24th general meeting, HOG members will be voting on a change to our ride days.  It’s been proposed by some members that we change our Sunday breakfast ride to Saturday morning and the Saturday dinner ride to Sunday afternoon.  We would keep the same weekends with the dinner ride being on the first Sunday and the “breakfast” ride being on the 3rd Saturday.  By making this change, we would have our sponsoring dealership, Bakersfield Harley-Davidson open for both events for a meeting place and any members who work at BHD would be able to attend the dinner ride if we delay the start until about 4:30pm.  Making this change would take us away from the Cheveron Station at Olive and Hwy 99 and make BHD the starting point for our rides.  HOG will vote by ballot on this change and decide if this is the way we want our rides to be.

Another idea proposed is making the Dinner rides in June, July, and August into Breakfast rides.  Leaving earlier in the day would get us home before the extreme heat making it a little safer in the hot climate we live in.  Again, HOG will vote on this change by ballot.

We are in the process of obtaining reservations for the HOG annual picnic.  We are hoping to reserve Jastro Park for Sunday, April 13th.  We moved the date due to a scheduled HOG ride on the 20th and the Laughlin River Run during the weekend of the 26th and 27th.  We decided to keep the picnic at Jastro Park because it’s worked in the past and everyone seems to like it.

Our January rides have been set.  We will be going to Nikki’s BBQ for the dinner ride.  Vikki Montgomery set up a buffet dinner for $10 each and I’ll lead the ride out through Oildale and then west through the flatlands back to town.  It won’t be too terribly long because it’ll probably be on the chily side.  The breakfast ride will be a run to the Iron Skillet.  I’m going to take that ride out through Hart Park and down Comanche Road to Bear Mountain.  We’ll take a right and head over to Wheeler Ridge Road and then south to the restaurant.  The Iron Skillet is ready for us and has always been good to HOG.

Your HOG officers are also working on a “Pride Patch Program.”  We are developing a patch to be worn on your vest after you’ve earned it!!!  You will receive points for participating in HOG events and volunteering to help HOG out.  Once you earned your points, the HOG Pride Patch will be awarded.  In successive years, you’ll earn a yearly rocker instead of another patch.  This will be a way for HOG to recognize those members who work and help out at HOG events.  You’ll hear more about this new program at the general meeting.

I hope you all have a safe winter riding season and a Merry Christmas.  Stay safe…

Dave Fisher, Director