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Photo of the Month Contest

2020 POTM Rules:

  1. Photo must be submitted to [email protected]. Every submission will receive a reply email of receipt. If you don’t, notify the [email protected]
  2. Photos must be submitted on or before the Sunday before the Officers Meeting.
    Example: Officers Meeting on Jan 16th, photos submission close is on Jan 12th. Any received after will go toward the following month.
  3. Subject Line and/or the Body of the email MUST include “POTM” and the submitters name.
  4. Photos must include a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, a HOG member (if not a 1580 member, must have/show HOG patch) or photo of a HOG event.
  5. NO minors allowed in photos. Any photo received with minors will be deleted.
  6. Limit 3 photos per month per member may be submitted for Photo of the Month. If more are submitted in a month, then the first three will be considered.
  7. Photos will be voted on at the Officers Meetings by officers and members in attendance.
  8. Members are limited to winning twice per year.
  9. All winners, non-winners and other submissions will be used at BHOG meetings and/or on social media. If you don’t want your photos used, don’t submit them.
  10. Photos submitted should be the highest resolution available for the best presentation.