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May Fun Run – Ronald Reagan Library

For the 36 members and guests who rode to Simi Valley this past Saturday it was a mix of a little bit of the old and familiar, and a lot of “new and improved.”  Although the gravesite, Air Force One and the Oval Office remain unchanged, and the monolithic piece of the Berlin Wall still sits at the edge of the garden, the remainder of the museum has been dramatically overhauled.  You can certainly see every bit of the $15 million General Electric donated to the renovation.

There is much, much more on both the economic struggle this country faced during the 1980s, and the efforts put into ending the Cold War by bankrupting the Soviet Union.  The Bible used in both inaugurations is on display, and there are numerous interactive exhibits.

Although somewhat out of time – there is a 1,200 lb piece of one of the steel beams from the North Tower of the World Trade Center on display.  Seeing and touching it is enough to sent a chill down your spine.

The weather cooperated for the ride, even if it was a little cool on top of the ridge, and the tour and lunch arranged by Jolyn Cleveland were both excellent once again.

If you were unable to make the ride last Saturday, I can wholeheartedly recommend making the trip to see the Library when you can.

Don Oldaker – Director